Why You Should Never Pull a Tooth Yourself

Pulling a tooth may seem like the kind of thing you can do at home without the help of a dentist in Tavernier, FL. But this practice is actually quite dangerous and can cause more problems than the original bad tooth that needed to come out. These are the reasons why you should never pull a tooth yourself.

There’s More Beneath the Surface

Like the iceberg that sank the Titanic, there’s more to a tooth than what you can see above the gum line. In fact, there are more teeth below the gum line than above. Tooth roots go deep, and simply tugging at the top of the tooth with your fingers or—gasp—a pair of pliers will yield a lot more than what you anticipated. The root structure actually goes all the way to the jawbone. Pulling a tooth at home risks severe tissue and bone damage and increases the possibility of damage to abutting teeth.

Risk of Infection

When your dentist does a tooth extraction in Tavernier, FL, your oral cavity is disinfected, as are the dentist’s tools. At home, you can’t possibly disinfect the teeth, lips, and gums, which means you could introduce dangerous bacteria into your gum tissue and even into your blood system. Needless to say, this should be avoided at all costs.

Pieces Remaining

Another thing your dentist does in a professional extraction is to ensure that all the pieces of the tooth are extracted. Pieces can’t be left behind because they can continue to cause damage and raise the risk of infection.

One of the big benefits of professional tooth extraction is the use of a sedative or numbing agent. You won’t feel a thing, so why wouldn’t you choose to have it done the right way, with no pain? Contact us to book your appointment.

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