Tooth Extractions Can Improve Your Oral Health

Most people do not look forward to tooth extractions in Tavernier, FL, but they understand that the procedure is sometimes necessary to preserve oral health. Knowing what to expect before tooth extraction goes a long way toward helping you feel less anxious about the procedure.

Common Reasons for Tooth Extraction

Below are several reasons why Dr. Osmani Diaz may recommend that you have one or more teeth extracted.

  • You have advanced gum disease that has infected your gum tissue and at least one tooth.
  • You sustained trauma to the mouth that fractured a tooth, and Dr. Diaz cannot save it. He will remove the remainder of the tooth and let you know about your various artificial tooth replacement options.
  • You have an impacted tooth without room in your mouth to erupt properly. Wisdom teeth removal is especially common among patients in their late teens or early twenties.
  • You are about to start orthodontic treatment due to crooked or crowded teeth and need one or more natural teeth extracted to give the other teeth more room to shift.

Remember that Dr. Diaz can extract a tooth for any necessary reason, even if your situation is not described here.

The Tooth Extraction Process

Dr. Diaz or his assistant provide you with numbing medication at the start of the procedure. He then uses handheld equipment known as a dental elevators to loosen the tooth at its roots while pulling it back and forth several times to remove it. You should bite down on a gauze pad after removal until it becomes soaked with blood and change it for a clean one until the bleeding stops. Our staff will also provide additional post-surgery care tips before you go home.

Please contact us to schedule an exam if you think you need a tooth extraction in Tavernier FL

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