3 Qualities to Look for In a Toothbrush

Your toothbrush is an important tool for keeping your teeth healthy. You’re supposed to replace your toothbrush every three months, which means that you’re given a lot of opportunities to choose a good model for your purposes. Knowing what to look for can make this task easier.

As your dentist in Tavernier, FL, we’re happy to help you narrow down the choices. We can recommend toothbrush brands and models as needed but below are some of the qualities to consider.

1. Soft Bristles

It’s tempting to choose a toothbrush with stiff, strong bristles to remove that plaque and tartar, but hard bristles can contribute to gum recession and can even wear down your tooth enamel over time.

You don’t need hard bristles to keep your teeth clean, and once your plaque has turned into tartar, no toothbrush will be able to remove it anyway. Look for a toothbrush with soft bristles. Soft bristles will do the job if you’re brushing your teeth correctly.

2. Small Head Size

Toothbrush heads come in a range of sizes because not everyone has the same-size mouth. Just keep in mind that you only need a small toothbrush head to reach your teeth. In fact, a small head can give your toothbrush greater agility. It’s easier to reach your back teeth with a small toothbrush head than a large one.

3. Easy to Hold Handle Grip

Toothbrushes can get sudsy with toothpaste and water, and that can make them slippery to hold on to. You can solve this problem by purchasing a toothbrush with a rubber grip that won’t slip easily when you’re brushing your teeth.

Have Questions? Speak With Your Dentist

If you have questions about which toothbrush to buy, ask your dentist the next time you come in for a dental exam in Tavernier, FL. Make an appointment today to get your exam on the calendar.

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